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Golden Jute Product is a pioneer jute basket manufacturer and exporter of jute storage basket, Laundry basket, Fruit basket, Nursery pot, Jewelry box which have an ecologically sustainable future. Golden Jute Product also produce different type of Bags, Rugs, Floor Mat, Table Mat and Handicrafts of different sizes and different color according to customer needs.

Golden Jute Product has its own facility of production. We have about 1000 highly experienced workers who are responsible for our production. Most of these women have minimal education but they are skilled and well trained. They manage to earn a steady income for their families and themselves. These women play a very important role in poverty eradication and improving their overall level of living. Our production capacity 200,000 set of basket (S/3) per mon...


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Jute yarn is spun and prepared for use in weaving, knitting, manufacturing sewing thread, jute yarns have single or multiple ply. It is usually bleached, dyed, processed to serve various purposes. Various dimensions of Jute fibre plied together to make jute yarn or jute twines / jute string or jute thread, ropes etc as per requirement and use. These are use for the purpose of tying, knotting, binding, etc particularly for agricultural commodities.


The types of jute yarn / twine manufactured can be classified according to the application or use to which they are put ie, fine yarns, hessian yarns, carpet, sacking yarns, etc. These yarns can be further classified into warp and weft yarns, the warp yarns normally being superior to the weft yarns as they have to withstand the cycles of stress during weaving while the weft yarns act more as filler and undergo less strain during weaving process.

3 Strand Jute Rope
Quality: Sacking, Hessian, and CB.
Diameter: 3mm to 50mm
Length: 30m, 50m, 100m, 200m as per buyer demand
Weight: 2.00kg coil/spool, 3 kg coil/spool, 10kg coil, 25kg coil or above.
Packing: Poly Shrink film and truss or as per buyer demand

Jute rope is an organic fibre known for its strength and resilience. The fibres of the plant extend into thick threads, which can be purchased or created on spindles. It's very thin, so for long journeys, it's excellent. The rope Jute is also heat resistant and the impact of sunlight.

Golden Jute Products Corporation has progressed in marketing goods made of jute and supply the best jute items in your budget. Through innovation and creativity, we have also provided contemporary consumers with innovative products.

Jute grows during the ranges of Bangladesh. Jute is a broad, shining plant fibre, which may also be challenging and robust filets. As long as the plant can, the fibres are between 3 and 13 feet long. Jute ropes are white to light brown. The natural jute rope has replaced synthetic material in many of these applications; some services have the environmentally friendly jute style that would not be appropriate to use synthetics. We choose jute rope for specific applications, such as for home decorating, artisan products, etc. The following are the applications of jute ropes:

 Jute is durable and elegant. Therefore, it cannot be surprising that any of these materials, from lampshades to elegant vases, are used for weaving. Since they are widespread, coloured jute rope has an incredibly dense and delicate contact. They can withstand heavy traffic and are appropriate for families with children and puppies who are substantial.



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