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Jute is the national pride, identity and cultural heritage of Bangladesh. It is one of the very few natural and rapidly growing plant fibers in the world having economic value. Golden Jute Product believes that this natural plant fiber is a gift to man from nature that can find various uses in the form of handicrafts. The Company was founded in 10th January 2008 by Eng. Md. Hakim Ali Sardar when he identified an opportunity to provide a practical solution to consumers who want echo-friendly, 100% Biodegradable product which is an ecological alternative to a plastic product.

Golden Jute Product is a pioneer jute basket manufacturer and exporter of jute storage basket, Laundry basket, Fruit basket, Nursery pot, Jewellery box which have an ecologically sustainable future. Golden Jute Product also produce different type of Bags, Rugs, Floor Mat, Table Mat and Handicrafts of different sizes and different color according to customer needs.

Golden Jute Product has its own facility of production. We have about 170 highly experienced workers who are responsible for our production. Most of these women have minimal education but they are skilled and well trained. They manage to earn a steady income for their families and themselves. These women play a very important role in poverty eradication and improving their overall level of living. Our production capacity 20,000 set of basket(S/3) per month. This company is located at the Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Our Vision: The aim of golden Jute Product is to maintain a business that can produce high quality jute diversified products but have a minimal impact on our environment. Quality and timely delivery with proper packaging of the products to give complete satisfaction to all the patrons, both home and abroad is also ensured. We believe Quality and commitment.

Our Goal: Bangladesh is the leading jute producer country in the world. The quality of our jute is excellent. It has a golden history. We are committed to produce large scale of high quality finished jute products and create an international market of jute products in Bangladesh.

Our Commitment: We are committed to ensure that we do not employ child labor in our factories, no workers are forced to work and employees are paid living wages. No discrimination is practices, working environment is safe and hygienic and regular employment is provided.